Mar 11

iClevedon iPad trial: Student feedback

So far on the trial we have looked at the following ways of working with the iPads:

  • School leaders having them 24/7 to trial productivity
  • Teachers have a class pack to use with students in varying degrees – sharing & 1:1 and not at all (for comparison)
  • Teachers using them as management tools / content creation & teaching tools
  • Students having them 24/7 for a term including holidays

Having recently finished the students having them 24/7, both at home and at school, we thought we’d share some of the student feedback. The iPads were given to a multitude of different students from different year groups and different genders with different abilities. When in class, they were used in lessons where other students did not have access to an iPad.

The iPad is something which I thought was a gimmick, and that I didn’t particularly want to have. But after using it for a good portion of the month, I now want one – Student A

Helped with remembering things by taking photos – Student B

A great thing for both in school and out of school – Student C

It was great being able to access the information I needed quickly instead of having to go through books or wait to be able to go to discovery, I had all the information there – Student D

It made my learning easier. If there was anything I didn’t understand, I could look it up or make notes so that I could go over them some other time at a slower pace, until I understood – Student E

It made me look forward to using it in class. Having an iPad with you makes you more eager to learn – Student F

Can I keep one? They’re brilliant! – Student G

I used it in Music to complete an assessment using GarageBand – Student H

I was able to look things up quickly and easily which helped massively with my work. – Student I

I was able to type up copies of rough drafts and email it to my teachers – Student J

Having a camera meant I was able to easily record any images and upload them to my notes & blog, such as the images of newspaper articles about women playing Hamlet for my Drama work – Student K

With the Notes feature, I could easily record any details or information that might prove useful for my coursework such as information about my Drama monologue, easily writing it down on the fly – Student L

It helped my learning as it meant I could reach my notes easily for my different subject and this easy access was useful – Student M

Something else that was reported, albeit from the teachers and not the students, was that they found it really useful having access to resources in the lesson that they wouldn’t necessarily otherwise would have. Pleasing too was the feedback that none of them wanted to hand the device back in.

The trial continues with middle managers (subject leaders, SENCO and house heads) using them to see how they can be used for productivity and the potential uses for driving learning forwards.

You can find out more by following the iClevedon twitter feed.