Apr 12

DT app – Materials investigation project

Following the research project using “Dexigner” we decided that the students were really “up for it” in trying to use the iPads do some more of their theory work. In their current design projects they have to make choices of materials that would be suitable for their designs and suggest manufacturing and assembly methods. The ideal app for this is the “dt app” a specially written app for Design and Technology as it contains loads of advice and information relevant to this project.

We started by emailing a “pages” file to all of the iPads (easy as they all have the same email address). This file contained a set of questions to guide the students through their research. The students saved the attachment and loaded it into pages. By multitasking (double clicking the home button or four finger swipes) the students were able to read the information in dt app and then write up their own version into the question sheet. A great feature of dt app is that students can’t copy and paste the text… They must write their own interpretation.. perhaps gaining a better understanding when they have to use their own words. At the end of the session the students emailed their worksheets back to us … great that pages allows emailing attachments as word documents for those teachers who don’t have an iPad yet.

At the end of the lesson we informally asked the students their reactions to the task and the app. The dt app went down well, some are considering purchasing it for their iPhones and iPod’s … A great textbook in your pocket!

The attached photos show screenshots of the dt app, some of the student’s work and some very engaged students!