Jan 30

Bring your iPad – parent learning session

Have you recently got an iPad?  Are you still slightly mystified by it?  Do you feel that your child knows more about it than you do?

Then bring your iPad along to one of our support sessions on Thursday 7th February.  Designed to help parents to understand their family’s iPad a little better, the sessions will be made up of two parts:

Firstly, a presentation by our Apple experts answering some of the more common questions from parents, including how to set up Parental Controls.

This will be followed by a more informal opportunity for you to speak to an expert one-to-one and get help with any queries that you may have about setting up and using your iPad.

Please bring along your iPad and you can step through some of the settings yourself as we go.

This is a free event, but it will help us to organise the sessions and provide better answers to some of the more common questions  if we know how many people will attend each session.

 Please click on the links below to book your ticket(s).  If you have a question or questions that you would like answered by our experts, then please enter this in the section provided on the ticket booking site.This way we can include frequently asked questions in the main presentation and provide you with detailed step-by-step help where required. 

Please choose your session and book your place below:


Date/ Time


Thurs 7th February, 5.00pm Sixth Form Common Room Click here to book this session
Thurs 7th February, 7.00pm Main Hall Click here to book this session