Apr 08

Post 1

Today marks the first full day of using the iPad. Today, I’ve used it for my work in my ICT lesson, where I linked my Evernote account to the iPad in order to get access to all of my notes. This worked very well because the Evernote app is very very easy to use, and everything syncs across all of the platforms Evernote is available.

This afternoon, I have been using it to watch some TED talks. These are free videos available at TED.com (and through the TED app!) the videos are of talks professional doctors, scientists, musicians and many others give to an audience. A particular favourite of mine is Brian Cox talking about the CERN supercollider. A particularly useful section of the TED app on the iPad is the ability to select what type of video you are in the mood for, and how long you have. The app takes this information and gives you a playlist which is personal to you. Very cool.



Link to TED on the App Store

I’ve also been using an app called LearnChinese to Improve my pronunciation of Chinese words! A little back story is needed I guess! For all of year 12 I spent my Wednesday afternoons learning chinese and then in the summer, I got the opportunity to go to China to participate in the “2011 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for UK Students” this was a 2 week trip, in which I participated in Chinese lessons, activities and visited a lot of sights. It was a fantastic trip. We actually took an iPad with us on the trip, and were able to make a video about the trip and what we did on it all on the iPad! Finding this app is what I was definitely looking for, regarding furthering my understanding of the Chinese language.nit gives you a set of phrases, which you can pick. Each on has the Chinese characters, the pinyin and a Chinese pronunciation.



Link to LearnChinese on the App Store