Apr 08

Post 2

Day two of using the iPad! Today, I mainly used the Evernote app. For those who don’t know, Evernote is a free service, where you can make online notebooks which are synced across the many many platforms that it supports (seriously, most modern platforms are supported!) I have my notes from my ICT lessons organised into separate notebooks based on what topic they are notes for.



Notes galore! Evernote is a fantastic app, one which I highly recommend.

Evernote on the App Store

I have also been using the iPad for drawing diagrams with the Bamboo Paper app from Wacom. This app looks gorgeous, and the strokes that the “pen” creates look fantastic. Drawing with your finger is a bit painful though, especially if you can’t draw! I used this app to make diagrams whilst revising for my ICT exam.



Bamboo Paper on the App Store

Whilst browsing the many apps which came pre installed on the iPad, due to school, I found one called Frotz. This app allows you to play many text RPGs. Games in which the world is Written down, in amazing detail, where everything takes place in your imagination. I’ve been a fan of these types of games for a while now, and have even tried creating one myself! (although, I’m not nearly imaginative enough!) so finding this app was a pleasant surprise!



Frotz on the App Store