Apr 12

“Dexigner” 6th form research project

Year 12. Design and technology investigation
Outline of the “brief”
How do modern designers plus inventors go about doing their work?
What are their influences?
What do we think about their work?
Can we learn anything from it?

The Dexigner app for iPhone and iPod touch, is an ideal companion for designers and design lovers.

The application gives users access to the Dexigner website content from anywhere.

Users are able to quickly get latest design news, events, exhibitions, conferences, and design competitions.

The application also offers an easy access to designers, companies, consultancies and their contact & location information from the Dexigner’s Design Directory.

Near Me, one of the best features of the app, acquires the users location and shows a complete list of all the design related places – designers, museums, organizations, design studios, etc, along with the distance from where the user is located.

Users can view the selected listing’s contact information, view it on a map, or call directly from their iPhone.
The students found the app intuitive and easy to use.

To gather their findings into one place the students produced a report using either pages or keynote. The multitasking and swapping between the reports and the Dexigner app was relatively straightforward. Taking screenshots by holding the home button and pressing the on/off button enabled images to be captured.

A handy tip when wishing to select text from a safari web page is to click the “reader” button that appears in the address bar… The text can be copied from the window that pops open!

Overall a successful use of the iPads.