Nov 04

Digital Directors – Leading by example

A group of innovative educators lead by Gavin Smart, an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2013), has been set up to push the iPad journey at Clevedon School to new heights. The Digital Directors consist of 13 teachers from all subject areas across the school, all with a shared passion to promote the use of iPads within their lessons. The Digital Directors work closely with the Digital Leaders and Clevedon Learning Hub to promote quality CSPD focusing on the use of iPads as a learning tool. Each Digital Director is actively involved in their own CSPD through the form of action research and the development of their own skills by undertaking personal projects to share with colleagues and the wider community via iClevedon.co.uk.

The Digital Directors’ ultimate goal is to make an immediate impact to lessons at Clevedon School, using the iPad as a 1:1 device to transform the learning environment for students, making a difference to the day to day activities in the classroom.