Jul 10

eBook in a Day – A huge success with Primary Schools

Students from Mary Elton and Yeo Moor Primary schools in Clevedon have become published authors on the iBook Store. Students, supported by Gavin Smart an Apple Distinguished Educator from Clevedon School have been working collaboratively to produce a multi touch interactive book in one school day. Their book showcases their school to perspective students and parents. Students were challenged to create a Student Perspective Prospectus using a wide variety of apps which included videos, pictures and also elements of interactivity. These books are now available to download in over 50 countries world wide on the iBooks Store.

Students used Book Creator app for iPad to produce their multi touch book. The students found using the app easy to use and loved being able to include a wide range of media.

Click on the images below to download the books from the iBooks Store.

IMG_0562_ipadair2_silver_landscape Image 2017-07-06 22_42_51_93_ipadair2_silver_landscape

To access the eBooks from a non Apple device click the links below.

Yeo Moor Primary School

Mary Elton Primary School 

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