Mar 07

Get on the case! Changing your iPad Case and Staying Insured

Changing your iPad Case and Staying Insured

iPads purchased under the school scheme are all delivered with a black Moko Maroo case to keep
the iPad in. It is perfectly acceptable to replace this case, but the new case must meet the following
requirements in order that the device remains covered by the insurance policy:

“In respect of iPads, protection by a suitable protective case that meets the following criteria: a stiff,
protective case that is semi-permanently attached to the device and protecting each corner of the
iPad, whilst giving unencumbered access to all the ports, and including a screen cover that can be
folded over the screen when not in use. This applies at all times including when the iPad is in use.

Unsuitable covers are slip-on/off cases, or cases without a screen cover. Magnetic screen covers are
not preferred, due to the limited nature of the protection provided, but are acceptable.”

The next page summarises these requirements into 3 simple rules.

If you’d prefer more guidance, below are some examples of cases which ARE covered under the
insurance policy. These are all readily available to buy online and cover a broad price range.

  • Belkin – Pro Color Duo Tri-Fold Folio with Stand
  • Griffin – IntelliCase
  • Griffin – Survivor Case
  • Incipio – Lexington Folio Case
  • Incipio – Slim Kickstand Folio Case
  • Maroo – Moko Case
  • OtterBox – Defender Series
  • 360 Degree Rotating Case for iPad 2 3 & iPad 4

This list just provides a few examples of what is covered. They can all be found on websites such
as Amazon or Ebay.

If you have any queries, please email ipad@clevedon.n-somerset.sch.uk.