Apr 12

Hospitality & Google Maps

As part of the BTEC Hospitality course students have to investigate a range of businesses, local and national. After discussions about the differences between the businesses and the difference between local and national companies (and not wanting to hire a bus to drive us around Clevedon) students were given access to ipads in order to research the topic. All students really engaged in the exercise, they found that they were able to not only easily locate local business but due to Google street view they were able to comment on the exact setting of each one. They could have a look around, look at the competition, survey the access to each business and get a general feel for the area.

  • Some students did try to find their houses, walk to school  or wander around Clevedon in Google street view but on the whole it worked really well. Two things:
  • It opens up a range of possibilities for students to go places and look at areas without having to book an IT suite or leave school.
  • Students worked really well finding the information and then writing it up in their books, the combination of the access to ICT and staying in the classroom setting at a desk meant that they did not fall into the standard copying and pasting into a PowerPoint without reading it type of ‘research’.

There were some really good conversations, students comparing their two local takeaways/ restaurants, discussing which one was best, which more expensive which overpriced, which was in a better location, which gave better service etc as if they were out and about looking at them. I think it really helped to engage them and helped them to access and use local knowledge that they already had.