Nov 18

How can a fully inclusive ‘Flipped Learning’ environment raise attainment of lower ability students in A level PE?

Context and justification

I have been a classroom teacher for 8 years and have been teaching A level Sports Psychology for 5 and have felt that I have needed to revamp my delivery of this aspect of the course. In particular, I have found the differentiating of lessons at this level to be difficult at times and often feel that my lessons are too taxing for the less able pupils. My current Year 13 class are a prime example with 4 of the pupils attaining A/B grades and the other student working at an E/U grade. I have tried numerous interventions such as differentiated tasks and exam style questioning but often find that the only way to really benefit pupils like this is to sit down and work through the lesson once again. Through my own investigations on Twitter I have found some outstanding screencasts created and used by ISpeakPE at Sussex Downs College and have felt that Flipped Learning could be part of the answer.

I have incorporated some of these screencasts as student preparation for my own lessons and have found that the students have really taken to them. It has been of particular benefit for the students that struggle to make notes and gain an understanding all in one lesson. Through the Flipped learning structure these students are able to play, rewind and make notes at their own pace and in their own time. This has then resulted in the lessons being more about collaborative exercises and the answering of questions that the students may have about their understanding. It has also given us more time to look at the answering of exam style questions in preparation for the end of year examinations.


I now wish to carry this model forward and review the type of questioning and contribution that iPads can make to this process. So far, my explorations have stretched as far as using Quizlet to test student knowledge, the use of thesportinmind web site to deepen understanding and apps to present work such as Explain Everything, imovie and Comic Life