Nov 17

How does using iPads to support a ‘flipped learning’ experience enhance students’ (a) engagement (b) attainment in science?


Developing the use of iPads within your lessons is considerably easier than encouraging students to use their iPads at home for educational purposes.  Developing a flipped classroom using iPads will hopefully not only encourage students to use their iPads effectively at home to develop their subject knowledge at home and maximising the time within lessons for practical activities that apply their new knowledge and consolidate learning.  I wish to use the iPad to support a flipped learning experience to enhance students’ (a) engagement and (b) attainment in science.



I have decided to use BrainPop UK app to support my flipped lesson. The app provide students with short animated videos to teach them the content of the lesson prior to arriving  at the classroom freeing up time for application of knowledge and deep learning. Students will be quizzed at the start of the lesson using Socrative App to check that they have completed their homework and that they are ready with the knowledge required to start the lesson.