Jul 05

iPad as a learning facilitation tool – seminar at West of England ICT Conference

Today, James Bowkett and Mark Anderson along with a Year 13 student attended the West of England ICT Conference to talk about the Clevedon iPad project and the iPad as a learning facilitation tool

Our presentation kicked off with a short video about the learning vision for iPads at Clevedon:


Apart from talking about the pedagogy and the vision, time was spent talking about different apps and how they could be used to support learning. We covered the question of Flash, demonstrated the power of Augmented Reality through the use of apps such as Aurasma and the Mona Lisa AR app, bringing the Mona Lisa to life. We also talked about the possibilities of new ways of learning and teaching through apps such as Explain Everything, Book Creator, Evernote, iMovie and Comic Life. We stressed the importance of tasks not just being substitution activities but ones that augment and redefine the activities to ensure that deeper learning can take place. Here are most of the apps we talked about:

and some more here too:

We finished off the seminar with a quick Space Race in Socrative to show how the iPad could also be used as an AfL tool in the classroom.

If we spoke today and you’re reading this, thank you for the amazing feedback and for taking the time to speak and say hello. Please do get in touch if you have further questions.

Thank you to Val Hurley for asking us to speak in the first place, Wendy Hanrahan for all her help (and patience) in getting things prepped for today. Thank you too to Neil Tuttiett, our buddy for this morning.