Jan 08

iPad connection

As mentioned before Christmas, we are now in a position to connect your iPads to the school Wifi network tomorrow (Wednesday 9th January).  This will be done for all iPads, including those not purchased through the school scheme.  Please note that other devices such as Android tablets etc. will NOT be connected tomorrow.  Another day will be arranged for these devices – details about this will be given out in due course.

If you have an iPad that you want to connect to the school’s Wifi network tomorrow, then you must bring it into school in its case and fully charged.  For years 7-10 this process will take place during your normal Learning Challenge lesson time.  They will be given details of where to go by their teacher.

Due to exam revision, years 11, 12 and 13 will NOT be connected tomorrow.  Instead, this will take place on Thursday 10th January.  More details about this will be given out by your teachers.

Please note that, for those of you whose iPad is part of the school scheme, you will be shown how to redeem an app that has been gifted to you by the school.  You do not need to have access to an iTunes account for this part of the session.  We will show you an example, then provide you with a step-by-step guide to take home so that you can redeem the app with the help of a parent/the iTunes account holder.

Please see the main Clevedon School website for a copy of the new AUP. This has been revised to cover use of iPads and mobile devices.  Please ensure that you and your parent / carer has read this.  Attending the session and connecting to the wifi network tomorrow will be taken as acceptance of this policy and agreement to abide by its terms.

If you have any queries about this, please contact Mrs Tamsin Chambers.