Oct 15

iPads at Clevedon School

PaulBox images of Clevedon school. © Paul Box  07976299870Students have been using iPads in their lessons since January 2013 as part of a digital learning opportunity at Clevedon School.

The use of iPads in lessons is rapidly increasing as more students and staff become familiar with this technology, its application to learning and the potential it has to redefine lessons. After a successful iPad trial in 2012, Clevedon School is now at the forefront of using iPads in lessons to enhance the learning experience of its students.

Clevedon School is continuing to offer support to families through advice, training and information workshops in order to facilitate the best use of the iPad at home and at school. Interactive sessions have already been run to support students, staff and teachers through the Clevedon Learning Hub, as well as in-house training by the newly formed Digital Directors, supported by the Digital Leaders. Sessions have included ‘Meet your iPad’ and ‘iPads for Learning’, with many more planned for the in the near future.

Due to the iPad being at the forefront of technology, Clevedon School decided to select the Apple device as its tablet of choice. The iPad offers great educational resources and the best e-safety and security package. Apple has also supported the school, committing to offer educational support packages at all stages of education.

The expectation for staff is not to deliver all lessons through or via the iPad but to offer students choices in the tools they use for their learning. The tasks set will allow this choice and will not disadvantage those without an iPad.

In the event that a teacher plans a lesson that is best delivered using the iPad, then class sets are available for teachers to book for the duration of that class, so that all students can have access to a device for the task or activity.

Our clear message to teachers and students is that the iPad should enhance, not dictate learning.