Apr 10

iPads in Art

Action Research

As an experienced Art Teacher I have to say that I am always interested in the creative potential of New Technologies.  When Mark Anderson offered me the opportunity to experiment with an iPad I jumped at the opportunity.  I wanted to test its potential as a tool to enhance creativity not as a replacement for Artistic Vocabulary.

Photo Forge and Color effects

Easy to navigate through.  I took a series of shots and went about adjusting the levels and adding textured marks onto my subject.  I found it easy to crop my image and alter the focal point of the composition.  However, I felt that artistically I wasn’t pushing any boundaries.  I saved the work to a folder and proceeded to upload the image into Color effects.  I found this app to have creative potential.  The photo was uploaded as Black and white and I was able to take it back to the original colour, add sepia tones and colour block the background whilst maintaining my original mark making from Photo Forge.  Fantastic!

Air Presenter

Love this app.  I can see its potential in an Art lessons.  I do not have access to a visualizer and at points during my teaching need to demonstrate technique to large numbers of students.  In the past my only option would be to gather them around, wasting valuable teaching and learning time in moving around the room.  By pairing my iPad with the AppleTV in my room, I can have a student holding the iPad over the sketchbook whilst I draw and students can remain seated and watch on the projector.  Invaluable! Plus, when you consider that a decent visualizer is upwards of £800, the iPad and AppleTV option makes fiscal sense too. Brill!

We have arranged for Katy to have access to an iPad during Art lessons as she is a Photographer.  As a media student Katie knows the potential an iPad may unleash.  Looking forward to the outcome


As a perfectionist when it comes to anything “Visual” I like to spend time on all of my lesson visuals and resources in order to make them aesthetically pleasing.  I found myself last Saturday at a ballet rehearsal with my eldest child.  Weather was awful and I didn’t have time to get home before returning to collect.  I had the iPad and my sketchbook on me and I managed to photograph all of my exemplars and use keynote to present my lesson visuals.  I emailed them as a PowerPoint ready for use on Monday morning.  Brilliant! If I hadn’t have had the iPad, I would have a) had to spend extra time working from home later on and b) I think it would probably have taken me longer too as I would have had to have scanned the work in rather than just using the camera features of the iPad. The photos that I took of my work were edited in Photo Forge too.