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iPad at Clevedon School

Oct 05

Clevedon School Handbook iOS App

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Sep 08

Mobile Learning Case Study

Aug 25

iTunes U – It’s all at a student’s fingertips.

May 22

Academic Fixture with Trinity Catholic School

On Thursday 15th May our Digital Leaders welcomed a team of 10 students and 5 staff from Trinity Catholic School in Nottingham, in the first part of their digital ‘Academic Fixture’.

The visiting team came a long way, with an early start, to spend the day finding out about the role of Digital Leaders at Clevedon School; ready to take ideas back to their school as they begin their own iPad journey.  By visiting classes, talking to students and staff, the visitors soon saw how we manage and use over 1,000 iPads effectively in our school, while they currently have 75.


In the afternoon, Clevedon’s Digital Leaders led a TeachMeet style session, giving short presentations about apps that they find useful.  Both teams, students and staff, exchanged valuable app ideas and experiences about how iPads can best be used to enhance learning in the classroom.

During the visit, the students set up a collaborative project using the website and app, Edmodo.  Both schools will now work together to develop an Empowered Use Policy, as a potential replacement for current Acceptable Use Policies in the schools.  The EUP is about embracing technology and encouraging its positive use, not simply restricting what can be done with it.

Trinity Catholic School have returned to Nottingham, where they plan to develop their own iPad scheme and Digital Leadership role.  We hope to hold the return fixture early in the next academic year when they have had a chance to implement their ideas.


May 06

We’ve got a little more to share.


Feb 25

Apple TV, Spout App and Black & Gold Radio. A perfect combination.

We have recently installed a large 40 inch LCD Smart TV in the Science atrium at Clevedon School that can be used as a separate learning area for students and staff or an area for students to use before school and during break and lunchtimes. Using Apple TV and Spout App we now have digital interactive signage that can be used throughout the day.

spoutSpout is the newest way to enjoy news, messages, tweets and comments; delivered to your screen as a beautifully rendered up-to-the-second display of social content. With a wide range of themes, the app produces professional looking signage that is always up to date and interactive.



Together with Black And Gold Radio App (our very own in house radio station developed by one of our students) we now have an awesome interactive, fun and professional looking display of students work, key messages, tweets and images at our fingertips that can be streamed easily from an iPad.


Gavin Smart Lead teacher of the Digital Directors at Clevedon School and an Apple Distinguished Educator

Using @Layar App to make interactive displays.

Augmented reality (AR) is cutting-edge technology that allows for a digitally enhanced view of the real world, connecting you with more meaningful content in your everyday life. With the camera and sensors in a smartphone or tablet, AR adds layers of digital information – videos, photos, sounds – directly on top of items in the world around us.

Layar is one of the many Augmented Reality apps that could have so many uses within schools. Layar is similar to Aurasma but with a lot more options and a more user friendly and stable interface.

Layar is a free app that can be used on iOS and Android devices. You can make your own Layars via layar.com with a free sign up. Your Layars can link to numerous things videos, audio, apps, social media and so much more. For more guidance click here. This is an awesome ‘How to guide’ produced by fellow ADE, Mat Pullen.

Below is a video of how I have starter to use Layar around my school. I had produced a display in Science to share the recommended apps that we use a lot within lesson so students could scan the individual codes to download the apps. Now it is a lot more interactive. The display now includes Download Buttons for the apps, twitter feeds and also a tweet button. The twitter button can be programmed to say whatever you wish. In my example the tweet promotes the display and also @ mentions the science account so we can monitor the tweets.

Gavin Smart Lead teacher of the Digital Directors at Clevedon School and an Apple Distinguished Educator

Oct 15

iPads at Clevedon School

PaulBox images of Clevedon school. © Paul Box  07976299870Students have been using iPads in their lessons since January 2013 as part of a digital learning opportunity at Clevedon School.

The use of iPads in lessons is rapidly increasing as more students and staff become familiar with this technology, its application to learning and the potential it has to redefine lessons. After a successful iPad trial in 2012, Clevedon School is now at the forefront of using iPads in lessons to enhance the learning experience of its students.

Clevedon School is continuing to offer support to families through advice, training and information workshops in order to facilitate the best use of the iPad at home and at school. Interactive sessions have already been run to support students, staff and teachers through the Clevedon Learning Hub, as well as in-house training by the newly formed Digital Directors, supported by the Digital Leaders. Sessions have included ‘Meet your iPad’ and ‘iPads for Learning’, with many more planned for the in the near future.

Due to the iPad being at the forefront of technology, Clevedon School decided to select the Apple device as its tablet of choice. The iPad offers great educational resources and the best e-safety and security package. Apple has also supported the school, committing to offer educational support packages at all stages of education.

The expectation for staff is not to deliver all lessons through or via the iPad but to offer students choices in the tools they use for their learning. The tasks set will allow this choice and will not disadvantage those without an iPad.

In the event that a teacher plans a lesson that is best delivered using the iPad, then class sets are available for teachers to book for the duration of that class, so that all students can have access to a device for the task or activity.

Our clear message to teachers and students is that the iPad should enhance, not dictate learning.

Jul 27

51 things to do with your summer…

Mr Anderson has created an iBook for students with iPads filled with ideas that can be used to keep our minds active over the summer.

The book can be downloaded by tapping this link.

A PDF version for other devices can be downloaded here.

51 things to do with your summer

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