Apr 09

Post 3 – iPad case review – Student Y


The green leather folder is very strong and protects the screen from scratches and chips. It has a handy flap for storing notebooks and paper, and you can prop it up to type on. It has a picture of a radio on it which looks cool.


  • Protects the screen
  • Handy mini flap on inside of main flap
  • 3 elastic things for keeping the main flap shut
  • Hole for iPad camera
  • Rubber corners stop iPad falling out
  • Magnet in flap so iPad locks itself when closed


  • Quite bulky
  • Fiddly to do up the elastic things around the iPad
  • When folded back on itself, the case obscures the iPad camera’s view
  • Only props up about 30°
  • Hard to remove from case

Thanks for reading and I hope that you choose this as the default case! :)