Apr 08

Post 5

This weekend, I’ve been looking at media related apps.

The first one I looked at is Soundprism. This is a music making app, where you select a section of a screen, and depending on how you’ve got it set up, it plays either one, two or three notes. The app itself looks beautiful and produces lots of different sounds which all sound pretty cool.



SoundPrism on the App Store

The second app I looked at is called procreate. This is a drawing app, which gives you lots of options for brushes and smudging. It’s a very easy to use app, which can produce some good pictures if you have any artistic skill (which I don’t, which is evident from the screenshot I took of a picture I drew!)



Procreate on the App Store

The next app I’m going to look at is called Photoshop Express. This is a free app made by popular photo editing software makers, Adobe. It is basically a version of photoshop, designed for the iPad and iPhone, featuring some actually quite powerful tools, including contrast, sharpening and all the other useful tools which you would find in the full version of photoshop. It all looks very very nice, with a clean interface and good controls. Also, it’s free! Which is always a bonus!



Photoshop Express on the App Store