Apr 08

Post 6

Obviously, a big part of me owning the iPad is for my education. Of course, I’ve been using the iPad in my lessons, but I’ve mainly been using apps such as Evernote and apps of that kind, which I have covered in other posts on this blog. However, recently I have found a couple of apps which have been absolutely brilliant! The first app I have been using is an Apple app called Pages. This is a word processing app, similar to Microsoft Word and the like. It is a very very simple to use app, which looks pretty good, as you would expect from an apple app, to be honest. One would imagine that using such an app on the iPad without a Bluetooth keyboard would be quite difficult to use, however, typing using the on screen keyboard is actually pretty comfortable! It is the perfect size for my hands which enables me to actually type faster than I do when I am using an actual keyboard. Of course, the downside to using the on screen keyboard is that you don’t have any physical keys, which would suggest that placing your fingers on the on screen keys would be difficult and would result in some typing errors, but actually, the iOS autocorrect works very very well!



Pages on the App Store

Another app I have been using is called Notes+. This app is based around note taking and works very very well, enabling you to make notes with your own handwriting. Of course, this works best if you use a stylus, but you can quite easily use your finger for it. I bought a stylus off of amazon (a cheap rubber nibbed one for £2 which actually works quite well) and was shocked at how easy it is to write on the iPad! Notes+ comes with a magnification tool which allows you to write in large handwriting in a given space, and have your handwriting show up on the note small! Which when teamed with a lined paper background, makes for some very nice notes! Which can be printed off, sent to your Dropbox or emailed to someone as a PDF file.


Notes+ on the App Store