Jan 26

Sarahah – Social Network

sarahahIn recent weeks we have become aware of a social media platform known as ‘Sarahah’. This platform which is often adjoined to ‘Snapchat’ enables users to be sent messages anonymously. Unfortunately, this anonymity provides a significant opportunity for misuse between peers as well the risk of adults making contact online with young individuals. There is no filter for explicit messages and there is no way to report inappropriate content or threats. We would advise that if your child is using this platform that they delete their ‘Sarahah’ account.

Further reading: www.newbridgesch.uk/e-safety-the-honesty-app/

Unfortunately, the only way to delete the platform is to log in on a desktop or laptop and not from a mobile device. The following is a guide to method of deletion, should you feel it necessary: https://www.inverse.com/article/34493-how-to-delete-sarahah-account-snapchat

The best form of e-Safety is to have a clear and open dialogue between you and your child. We therefore urge, that if your child uses social media, that you regularly monitor and review the privacy settings and their overall online activity to ensure that they remain safe.