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Jan 11

What apps?

As noted previously, those iPads accessed as part of the Clevedon School scheme have a number of key apps allocated to them and these have started to be emailed to those iPads. Keynote was the first app emailed out. Highlighted in the PDF document below are the remaining apps to be gifted out over the …

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Jan 09

How to redeem a gifted app (step by step guide)


Access a step by step guide to redeeming an app emailed to you from Clevedon School by clicking the link below: How to install a gifted App

Jun 15

Newsletter 001


Jun 13

Inspiring article about iPad and cerebral palsy

Inspiring article by Glenda Watson Hyatt about how despite having cerebral palsy manages to communicate using her iPad and Proloquo2Go http://www.doitmyselfblog.com/2010/the-ipad-as-an-affordable-communicator-initial-review/

Jun 12

iPad vs computer for supporting SEN

Great article comparing the benefits of iPad over computer for supporting SEN students with their learning: http://atclassroom.blogspot.co.uk/2011/01/computers-vs-ipads-in-special-education.html

Jun 12

Features of an iPad to support SEN

The iPad comes with lots of features built in to help make it an even more accessibly device for people with SEN. Visit the links below to see the features: Vision: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ipad/vision.html Hearing: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ipad/hearing.html Physical & motor skills: http://www.apple.com/accessibility/ipad/physical.html

Jun 12

The 200 Best Special Education Apps

An exceedingly detailed set of resources for iPad and SEN broken down in to SEN need across 36 pages. A massive resource. http://www.scribd.com/doc/24470331/iPhone-iPad-and-iPod-touch-Apps-for-Special-Education

Jun 02

iPad in Art


iPad in Art The iPad is the professional artists dream. No more carrying around massive portfolios of work – you can just carry around all of your work, analogue (photos of your work) or digital (created on your iPad) all on your iPad. It fits in with Art education in that way too. Students can …

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