Mar 19

Virtual Reality at Clevedon School

CLEVEDON School was treated to an evening with local scientists that are building a revolutionary virtual reality experience to reveal the microscopic world of superbugs.

Students were visited by Dr Thomas Gorochowski, Dr Antoni Matyjaszkiewicz and Dr Matt Williams from the University of Bristol who are heading up the project, and Jenny Blackwood and Jonathan Jenkins from Interactive Scientific Ltd. that develop the underlying technology called Nano Simbox.
In a packed evening of fun and educational sessions, students were shown how superbugs grow, evolve and adapt, and the problems they pose to our health. They were also were given the chance to experience virtual reality at first hand and better understand how it could be used to teach others about the dangers of superbugs.

Clevedon school offers all students a ‘Future’ Programme’ to enhance learning with a full range of visits from inspirational outside speakers so learning is related to the outside world.
Head of Digital Learning Gavin Smart said: “It was an incredible opportunity for staff and students to work with some of the world’s top up-and-coming scientists and experience this pioneering technology!”
“Building links to academic research is crucial for developing the next-generation of digital engineers and scientists.”

Dr Gorochowski said: “Clevedon School has been a superb partner in the project, showing an openness to explore the cutting-edge methods we are using and allowing students of all ages to take part… as well as the teachers!”
“As the project is still under development with generous support from the EPSRC and BristolBridge AMR, we can’t wait to show them later in the year what we cook up based on their valuable input.”

The school wants more individuals and firms to become part of the ‘Future’s Programme’. Please get in touch with the school if you can help.