Apr 12

Year 10 ICT GCSE – Personal Digital Devices

So I was probably on to a winner straight away given that the topic was personal digital devices, but the students took really well in this first session today using the iPads.

Starter – find apps that would facilitate the following activities– alongside are the apps they found on the iPads to support the different activities:

Mindmapping – iThoughtsHD

Animations – PuppetPals HD

Notes – notes, Magpie, Evernote, Pages

Record audio – GarageBand

Surfing and research – Safari

Presentation – Keynote

Make songs – GarageBand

To kick off the main section of the lesson I spent time demonstrating the iPad based around the discussions from the starter and some of the apps and potential uses related to their work. Students then went off with the brief of creating a resource to cover the following Learning Outcome:

To be able to demonstrate how digital devices can be used for communicating on the move

As it was their first lesson with the iPads, I did allow them a 5 minute window to familiarise themselves with the devices and have a little ‘get to know you’ session with the iPad.

I think they did really well for their first session with them. Hopefully, they will become even more efficient as the sessions roll on. It was also interesting to note, that despite being given the option to choose to use the desktop machines rather than iPads – every student chose to use iPads.

The students went on to create a number of resources using different apps for this purpose.

  • Keynote
  • PuppetPals HD
  • iThoughts HD

The thing that struck me straight away was that although this was their first lesson with the iPads, it was amazing how quickly they got to grips with the different apps they used.