Apr 10

Year 13 ICT

I’ve been previously training my Year 13’s in the use of the iPads and they are now using them in their lessons as one of the many tools they use within their independent work in their lessons. Key findings so far:

· At first, time was lost due to familiarisation and WOW factor

· They’ve picked up the different apps quickly

· They use iThoughts HD to record thoughts / plan work / collect ideas

· Integration of Evernote has been really helpful for them taking notes and sharing notebooks with me as teacher

· They are approaching a stage where they are a resource they miss on the lessons when they aren’t available

· They all wish there was Evernote / Dropbox access within Pages / Keynote

I’ll post some of their work up here soon for exemplar.

Apps they utilise regularly:

· Dropbox

· Evernote

· iThoughtsHD

· Qwiki

· PuppetPalsHD