Apr 12

Year 7 electronics with iPads part 1

The first lesson with the iPads was to familiarise students with the use of the hardware ( taking photos/videos and word processing in pages) and how to attach files to emails for saving and or sharing…. Pretty straight forward stuff but at this early stage I felt that investing a bit of time in these skills would pay dividends later when students would be doing the work “for real”. As a part of the D&T electronics project the students need to be able to identify the different components to be inserted into their circuits. Resistors look very similar apart from a simple colour coding… A difficult task for the students to do. I found an app “ohm work” that fits the bill wonderfully. The students grasped very quickly how to use the app and did a few exercises to decode a few random resistors before identifying the actual components for their circuits. Did it make the exercise easier? Undoubtedly yes. Did the students understand resistor colour codes? Yes, and possibly more quickly than using the traditional colour charts. On the whole a success.