Apr 12

Year 7 electronics with iPads part 2

Pupils recording progress in electronics. When learning to do electronic soldering we usually get the students to record a step by step diagram of the stages involved… This reinforces the acquisition of a new skill and helps them to get better results when doing the practical task. This was an ideal task to convert to an iPad activity. So the students took equipment to their workspace and took a series of photos of the steps involved in soldering. The next step was to produce a “report” in pages inserting the photos at the appropriate times. This was very successful and the students were able to produce some excellent pages documents…  I then had further thoughts about the whole process, for GCSE we produce “e-portfolios” using PowerPoint which can collect text, images, video and audio clips really easily… Why not do a similar thing using keynote instead? … Ok so that’s something for next time!


How to Solder