Apr 10

Year 9 iPad explorers – lessons 3, 4 & 5

Lesson 3 Aim: To promote the use of iPads in formulating and presenting thoughts


This lesson followed on nicely from Lesson 2 in which research on time capsules had taken place. I wanted to encourage students to use the iPad to construct and present their thoughts in a logical way, hinting to them to try out iThoughts HD. It was rather interesting to discover that some students did use the app highlighted by myself but many chose another way of recording the information through the notepad or keynote. I thought it was great that the students independently chose to adopt these different ways of presentation and it perhaps showed that they were gradually getting used to what was available on the iPad.
The students enjoyed using the iPads, as they always do.
Lessons 4 and 5 Aim: To encourage the use of iPads as an aid to project work
The students were given a ‘Time Capsule Project’ sheet, detailing a range of tasks that need to be completed in the run up to a presentation which will be marked for their S&L assessment. Most of the tasks did NOT involve the iPad, with just one actually stating that the iPad could come in handy. I wanted to observe how the students would use the iPad when given the chance to get on without it. Most groups asked for the iPads immediately, and one group didn’t feel they really needed one until I popped one on the table. I was impressed with one girl who created the group’s presentation on Keynote – taking pictures of her team working and using these as evidence of what they had done. This lead me to think how amazing the ‘Learning Spy’ role could become should they be given access to an iPad also.
Next step is to try the iPads out with higher ability KS4 groups as well as this Year 9 group to get a sense of the potential at a higher level.