Apr 10

Year 9 iPad explorers

Lesson One – Year 9


Well, the first lesson using iPads with a middle set Year 9 English group went well. The students were keen to use the iPads immediately and I am sure had I distributed them there and then at the start of the lesson they would have been rather content for the whole lesson working out what did what!
I structured the task for the lesson to ensure students could work in small groups to complete a series of short tasks in their books, learning to use evidence to back up an argument and preparing them for time with the iPad and the task I wanted them to complete with the technology – recording a Room 101 persuasive speech. In English, I feel it’s key that the iPad is used to supplement the learning and engage students rather than take the place of books, paper and pens - in structuring tasks in such a way which allows a ‘real’ audience for the students’ work completed at the end (all possible very quickly with the iPad), is really beneficial I think.
Some normally quite challenging students were very engaged in the pre-iPad tasks and produced more work in that part of the lesson than I am sure across a whole lesson without having the ‘treat’ of using an iPad at the end. It surprised me how when the iPads were distributed, students went straight to the camera option and started recording themselves and each other presenting their speeches (no angry birds…?!). This was a really positive thing for me to observe.
Several students have agreed to film responses to the iPads after several lessons and I look forward to sharing this with you!